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New England Patriots links 7/25/18 - Patriots 2018 Training Camp theme: Harmony & continuity

Daily news and links for Wednesday

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Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images




  • Alec Lewis (Yahoo! Sports) Making Dwight Schrute proud, Bret Bielema receives ‘consultant to the head coach’ title with Belichick and Patriots.
  • Presser ( Bill Belichick dismisses questions (from troll Dan Shaughnessy) about Titans CB Malcolm Butler and his decision not to play him in Super Bowl LII. (1.31 min. video) /Worth a listen.
  • Nate Davis (USA Today) AFC training camps: Pivotal players to watch.
  • Staff ( Records for starting quarterbacks over 40.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Quarterback dad bods don’t matter at all.
  • Michael David Smith (ProFootballTalk) Julio Jones skipping training camp in contract dispute. /Compare this with amount of offseason internet ink spilled on Gronk and Brady speculation.
  • Mike Jones (USA Today) Fates of Eagles, Patriots among seven story lines to watch as NFL training camps open.
  • Nate Davis (USA Today) 2018 NFL record projections: Will Patriots falter on road to Super Bowl LIII? /I say ‘hell no’, Davis says ‘yes’ (Chargers defeat Pats in AFC CG). Lols.
  • Adam Schein ( 2018 NFL bubble teams: Case for, case against, early prediction.
  • Mike Freeman (Bleacher Report) 10-Point stance: 7. Nobody does it better. “From 2003-2017, the Patriots were 80 games better than the next-best AFC East team in that time frame, the Jets.
  • Rob Goldberg (Bleacher Report) Top moments from Aaron Rodgers, Lindsey Vonn and Rob Gronkowski on Shark Week.
  • Riley Nicklaus Evans (GrandstandCentral) Tom Brady and the Tuck Rule dominoes: How one moment in the 2002 NFL playoffs changed the fate of the league forever. /I haven’t unpacked this one yet, but threw it in anyway.