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Isaiah Wynn catches a punt and scores the Patriots two nights off

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The big man gets it done!

Pop quiz, what are two of the sweetest words in the English language no matter whether you’re in elementary school, high school, college, or if you work in a cube at Initech?


That unexpected day off, there’s truly nothing better.

The Patriots are deep in the dog days of camp and everybody’s having their good days and bad days. Some worse than others:

So on Monday night to close out the team’s night practice, rookie offensive lineman Isaiah Wynn got to take a crack at a classic Bill Belichick challenge - catching a punt.

No pressure, rook!

Uh oh.

Do or do not, Wynn, there is no try!

Let’s get a close-up of the sweet taste of victory!

What’s a bet without some stakes, though? Anyone who’s played a friendly game of poker or pong can tell you it’s 100x better with something on the line. How about another throwback: no curfew?

For those of you with a long memory and/or have watched the 2004 episode of “America’s Game” way too many times after getting home from the bar (....what?), you’ll remember that Bill’s been playing some variation of this game since at least the 2004 season, when he bet offensive lineman Matt Light (hmmm, noticing a pattern here) that if he caught a punt, Bill would give the team the night off, but if Light missed, the whole team ran 30 extra sprints.

Skip to about 5 minutes in to see Light make the grab when Isaiah Wynn was probably still in elementary school:

Those Patriots though, man, they never have any fun. SMH.