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Where were you when the ButtFumble happened?

Where does this rank among the greatest non-Super Bowl moments in the Bill Belichick era?

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images

SB Nation’s NFL websites are doing a theme week with the prompt, “Where were you when...?” with an even happening after 1990. There are so many options for the New England Patriots under head coach Bill Belichick, so I’ve decided to keep the focus on the regular season.

Where were you when Patriots nose tackle Vince Wilfork hoisted New York Jets right guard Brandon Moore and his rear end into quarterback Mark Sanchez, forcing an embarrassing fumble that Patriots safety Steve Gregory scooped up and returned for a touchdown?

I know for a fact that it happened on Thanksgiving 2012 because it was my first year out of college and in a new city, spending the holiday away from the family. My oldest friend and his family were in New York and we went to the game on Thursday night and watched this event play out.

I was convinced that Sanchez was down and that the play would be called back. It was the second Jets play after Patriots running back Shane Vereen scored a massive 83-yard touchdown on the first play of the previous drive to give New England a 14-0 lead.

Gregory’s return stood and gave the Patriots a 21-0 lead. The Jets fumbled the subsequent kickoff return, forced by Patriots safety Devin McCourty, and special teamer Julian Edelman returned it for a touchdown and a 28-0 lead.

The Patriots scored three touchdowns within 56 seconds of game time. It was one of the most ludicrous stretches for New England under head coach Bill Belichick.

And this got me thinking. What are the most ridiculous moments of the Bill Belichick era?

Where would you rank San Diego ChargersMarlon McCree’s fumble in the 2006 AFC Divisional Round? The Tuck Rule Game? The ButtFumble? The Ravens Rule Game in 2014? Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons? Tom Brady’s 2009 season opener come-from-behind victory against the Buffalo Bills in his return from a torn ACL?

The second quarter of the 2009 Snow Game against the Tennessee Titans? The two-touchdowns in the final minute to comeback against the Cleveland Browns in 2013? When Randy Moss went HAM on the NFL 2007? When Rob Gronkowski threw Sergio Brown out of the club?

What else am I missing? There are so many incredible moments. Where were you for some of them and how would you rank them?