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The Eagles billboard in New England is... clever, I guess

This was an interesting way to spend time and money.

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Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles Victory Parade Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

With the Eagles coming to New England on Thursday for a preseason matchup with the Patriots, an Eagles fan in Massachusetts decided to troll Pats fans about their defeat in Super Bowl 52.

A woman named Gina Lewis, who lives in Massachusetts but has been an Eagles fan for years, had a billboard ad put up roughly a mile from Gillette Stadium that brags about Philly’s Super Bowl victory. Apparently the woman won a bet with her co-worker, and therefore he was required to pay for the ad, according to USA Today.

It’s funny. It’s clever. It’s creative. Well done, I guess. Hopefully no Patriots fans are taking this too seriously.

To any Pats fan that sees this billboard, it deserves nothing more than a simple eye roll. Chuckle at it, and then move on. As disappointing as that Super Bowl loss was, the majority of Patriots fans should have moved on by now. At this point, we’re happy for the Eagles and their fans. They were the better team on that night, even though their quarterback was Nick Foles. They outplayed our team. Everything the Pats did, the Eagles did just a little bit better. They deserved to win. No sane Patriots fan would try to say that they didn’t.

But, still trying to troll Pats fans just weeks away from the regular season kickoff? Was it really worth the effort of putting up a billboard ad? Was there not a less extravagant way to continue gloating? I mean, as long as it was worth it, then hopefully you had fun.

Ultimately, it just seemed like a pointless prank, though the prank did make national headlines. Maybe that’s what she was going for. Either way, no Pats fan (or at least no legitimate Pats fan) would pay too much attention to this billboard. The Super Bowl was seven months ago. The 2018 season is just around the corner. As Bill Belichick would say, “we’re on to 2018.”

If there is anything about Super Bowl 52 that bothers us, it’s the fact that Malcolm Butler didn’t play a single snap, and we still have no idea why. But we’re not getting any answers to that question any time soon, so we’ve pretty much moved on completely.

Eagles fans, you’d be best not to waste your time by still trying to rub your victory in our faces. Congrats on your championship. We really don’t care anymore.