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I’m excited about Jason and Devin McCourty reading each other’s mind

That’s going to happen, right?

Sirius At Super Bowl Day 1

It’s no guarantee that Jason McCourty will be in the New England Patriots starting lineup in 2018, with Stephon Gilmore a lock on one side and Eric Rowe considered a reasonable favorite to start on the other due to his history with the team.

But I’m the most excited for Jason and Devin McCourty to be on the field at the same time and for them to do a twin mind-meld or whatever it is that twins do. I’m not a twin, or a doctor, but I’ve watched enough television to understand that’s a superpower available at their disposal.

Do you remember the tip drill between Marquice Cole and Devin McCourty, where Devin set the ball up for Cole to come down with the interception? I’m expecting that to happen on a regular basis.

I’m expecting head coach Bill Belichick and defacto defensive coordinator Brian Flores to concoct a few plays and coverage calls that will lean on the twins’ similar physical capabilities and for Man Behind the Curtain Ernie Adams to figure out the most rulebook-allowed way to confuse opposing offenses and to potentially fuse the players together, if necessary.

And I’m also just really excited to see two brothers reuniting after a decade in the league with a chance to help the Patriots make history.

What’re you excited about?