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Here’s why the Patriots should sign ex-Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant IMMEDIATELY

This should make it a done deal.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

We’ve beaten this whole Dez Bryant thing into the ground over the past week, especially since Bryant expressed interest in playing for the Patriots and catching passes from Tom Brady. There have been mixed reactions about the idea. Some people love it (I’m one of those people, since the Pats are losing wide receiver depth by the minute and Bryant is a fascinating character), and some people think it just wouldn’t be a good fit.

Quick question: Is there such thing as a bad fit with Brady? I mean, doesn’t Brady make just about everybody he plays with a better football player?

Back to the point. Forget about Julian Edelman’s suspension, forget about how the Pats released Jordan Matthews and Kenny Britt, forget about how Danny Amendola left town for the sunshine and beaches of Miami, and forget about anything that may have turned you off to Bryant in the past.

There’s one very big reason why the Patriots shouldn’t wait any longer to sign Dez Bryant, and here it is:

Skip Bayless thinks it would be a bad idea.

You all know Skip Bayless, right? He’s that TV personality for FS1, formerly ESPN, who always makes outlandish statements on national television, is wrong about 85 percent of the time, then refuses to admit that he was wrong. Yeah, that guy. He thinks Dez Bryant would be a terrible fit with Brady in New England.

To use his exact quote … “I couldn’t pick a receiver that would be a worse fit for Tom Brady than Dez Bryant at this stage in his career.”

That’s all the information the Patriots need right there. Skip Bayless thinks it would be a bad idea to sign Dez Bryant, which is exactly why it would be a GREAT idea. Bayless is never, ever right about these things.

A few of the iconic Bayless statements from years past:

-Robert Griffin III would be a better quarterback than Andrew Luck in the NFL.

-RG3 would one day be a better quarterback than Aaron Rodgers.

-Josh Freeman (who?) would be a better long term QB option than Cam Newton.

-Von Miller is overrated.

-Manti Te’o would be the next Ray Lewis.

-Johnny Manziel would be bigger in Cleveland than LeBron James ever was.

-He would take Tim Tebow late in a game over Aaron Rodgers.

-Lonzo Ball would take the Lakers to the playoffs AND win Rookie of the Year over Ben Simmons.

Do I need to go on? Bayless says one thing will happen, and then the exact opposite thing happens. Hearing him say that Dez Bryant wouldn’t work out in New England is pretty much the equivalent of God himself saying, “Hey Bill, if you sign Dez Bryant, I’ll turn him into the next Randy Moss.”

I’m not kidding. The Patriots should sign Dez Bryant to a contract TODAY. He’ll probably catch 30 touchdowns this season.