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Bill Belichick tells Patriots there is “a lot of room for improvement” in postgame locker room

Watch the sights and sounds from New England’s win over the Texans.


The New England Patriots opened their 2018 season in successful fashion, with a 27-20 victory over the visiting Houston Texans. The game came down to the very last play – a Hail Mary attempt by Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson – just as the Patriots predicted according to head coach Bill Belichick: “We talked about it going down to the last play, that’s what it was,” Belichick told his players in the postgame locker room.

The NFL’s best coach then went on to praise his team’s situational awareness, before also adding that it still has a long way to go: “It was a a good win, [but] there’s a lot of things we can do better – a lot of room for improvement. Starting with handling the ball, three turnovers that’s always going to be trouble. We gotta do a better job than that.” Belichick finished by giving the floor to linebacker Ja’Whaun Bentley.

The rookie, who had a very good game against the Texans, introduced special teams captain Matthew Slater, who turned 33 on Sunday. Bentley also started singing Happy Birthday for the Pro Bowler:

The Patriots also released their weekly sights and sounds clip, featuring scenes like Rob Gronkowski talking about his first quarter touchdown catch and how he had multiple catches like it in practice, and offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia stressing the urgency of New England’s two-minute drill before halftime. To watch the clip, please visit