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Week 2 NFL Early Games: Patriots rooting guide and open thread

Who should you root for?

New England Patriots v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

The New England Patriots play the Jacksonville Jaguars at 4:25 PM ET, but there’s a shockingly high quality slate of games at 1:00 PM ET. Here’s who you should be rooting for.

Pats Pulpit Patriots Pregame Preview

1:00 PM ET Patriots Rooting Guide

Dolphins at Jets: Both teams started 1-0 and both teams had solid outings in the opener- the Dolphins battling terrible weather delays and the Jets smoking the Detroit Lions. It’s too early in the year to know which team the Patriots would want to lose, but I would argue that the Jets have more upside (which is wild to say) and I would want the Dolphins to win.

Chargers at Bills: The Patriots want the Bills to lose, but are they as bad as the opener suggested?

Chiefs at Steelers: New England plays both teams later in the year, but they have the Chiefs at home and are on the road against the Steelers. Pittsburgh is more likely to be around late in the playoffs, too, so root for the Chiefs to win on the road.

Texans at Titans: The Patriots already beat the Texans, while they still have to play on the road in Tennessee later in the year. Root for the Texans for strength of victory because a bird and all that.

Colts at Washington: The Patriots want the Colts to win for the sake of strength of schedule and for the hopeful strength of victory.

Browns at Saints: This game doesn’t affect the Patriots, but this is still a weirdly intriguing game. Are the Browns good? Are the Saints bad? This could be a high-scoring affair or a Saints blowout and I’m here for this.

Eagles at Buccaneers: New England owns the Eagles seventh round draft pick and want them to lose so the Patriots can have the best possible seventh round draft pick (eyeroll).

Vikings at Packers: This is just a fun game! Enjoy it.

Panthers at Falcons: This could also be a fun divisional game. Have fun with it!