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Report: Browns were frustrated that Josh Gordon wasn’t in “football shape”

New England’s newest addition at wide receiver apparently wasn’t up to the meticulous standards of the Browns organization.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

If this is what “not being in football shape” looks like, well, hey Josh, could I have a little of what you’re having before my next beach trip? Thanks bro!

That said, according to Albert Breer, one of the 8,000 reasons the Cleveland Browns were willing to ship Josh Gordon up to their varsity team in New England was because Gordon “had trouble getting himself into football shape”.

Hey man, having your beer locked in a fridge for two weeks and counting now will make a man say things....strange things...outlandish things...preposterous things.

“The Browns had gotten frustrated with him, and it wasn’t just the hamstring or what happened last weekend. It was also the fact that he had trouble getting himself into football shape,” Breer said this week in a video published on NBC Sports Boston’s website. “I think a lot of people look at him and see he’s all rocked up, and by human standards he’s in great shape — not the same thing as being in football shape.”

“My understanding is part of the reason (the Browns) put him out there for that long (in Week 1) was to show him, ‘Hey, look, you may think you’re in great shape, but being in football shape is something different,’ ” Breer said. “And so if you watch the game (against the Steelers), he wore down a bit at the end, and that’s something they didn’t experience at practice.”

It doesn’t get any more Browns than that. You’re not in game shape, Josh, so we’re going to PROVE that you’re not in game shape, a condition that will apparently be obvious on tape when you play 69 snaps....right before we announce that we’re going to cut you on Monday in hopes that teams pony up some sweet trade deals over the weekend knowing that the Browns have like, negative leverage already. Seems legit.

(yes, I’m aware there was a week in between when he played the whole game in week 1 and when Cleveland announced they were going to cut him. That still doesn’t make it any less funny. Or any less Cleveland. That’s FULL Cleveland. You never go full Cleveland.)

That said, I dunno how someone who’s not in FOOTBAW SHAPE can pull this off, at the end of regulation nonetheless:

Whether Gordon suits up on Sunday night against the Lions is anyone’s guess, but even if Cleveland is right and Josh is getting gassed when he shouldn’t be, a dose of the hills in Foxboro will cure what ails you.