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Week 3 NFL afternoon games: Odds, Patriots rooting guide ,and open thread

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Los Angeles Chargers v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The New England Patriots play tonight, but there is plenty of football to watch this afternoon. Here are the afternoon games and how the Patriots will be watching from afar.

4:05 PM ET

(1-1) Chargers at (2-0) Rams (-7): The Rams are strong home favorites over the Chargers as both Los Angeles transplants square off. The Patriots want the Rams to win in order to sink the Chargers, a potential contender in the AFC. This has the potential for a high-scoring affair.

4:25 PM ET

(1-1) Bears (-6) at (0-2) Cardinals: The Cardinals are competing with the Buffalo Bills to be the worst team in the NFL, which is why the Bears are such heavy road-favorites. Chicago’s defense is considered one of the best in the NFL (incredible what Khalil Mack can do!) so even if this game doesn’t impact the Patriots, it could be a fun defensive showdown. New England doesn’t care who wins this one.

(1-1) Cowboys at (0-2) Seahawks (-1): The Patriots don’t care about this game, either, as both teams are entirely underwhelming. Seattle’s trying to get their first win of the season as they’re still trying to get out of the shadow of losing Super Bowl XLIX.

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