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Pats Pulpit Podcast Episode 114: Why are the Patriots so bad right now?

How can they rebound from their loss to the Lions?

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New England Patriots v Detroit Lions Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The New England Patriots fell on their face for the second straight week and there’s not much more to break down. What was terrible against the Jacksonville Jaguars remained bad against the Detroit Lions.

Rob Gronkowski couldn’t get open against the double teams and no one else on offense was able to beat their one-on-ones. The run blocking was sub-par and the rushing attack left much to be desired. Oh, and Tom Brady made some dumb throws.

Nothing went right on defense. I think that covers it?

So let’s look at the big picture. What’s the biggest problem at each positional group? Are there any solutions around the corner? Can this team be fixed?

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