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Patriots work out WR Breshad Perriman

Sure, why not.

Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

If the Patriots’ current snakebit situation at...every position that doesn’t throw the ball already has you in a bad mood this week, maybe just skip this and start your weekend early:

Let’s Pro/Con this situation:

CON: Literally anything on his Pro Football Reference page

PRO: Caught TDs from the BOAT, Blake Bortles. Maybe something rubbed off?

If you looked at the Ravens taking Perriman with a first-round pick in 2015 kind of like your dog looks at you when you put the ball behind your back and then hold your hand out again, it wasn’t just you. After not participating in the NFL Combine because of an injured hamstring and not exactly facing the best of the best at UCF, Breshad shot back up draft boards with a 4.25 40-yard-dash at UCF’s Pro Day.’s draft profile projected him at a first-round pick after that, while noting that Breshad was “...raw in his routes, relying on speed and athleticism over any precision”.

Basically, this totally would’ve been a Raiders pick a few years ago.

If that doesn’t sound familiar, their comparison for Perriman’s measurables and tape was...wait for it...

Josh Gordon.

To date, Perriman’s got 576 receiving yards, 43 receptions on 101 targets, and 3 touchdowns. He’s started 4 games.

Sorry, that was probably misleading, those are his career numbers so far, not this year or last year or anything.

He also spent almost a whole week with the football team from Washington earlier this month, but got waived on September 22nd.

It’d be easy to just figure this is more of the Patriots filling out their BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY list, but, I mean, what would you call scoring 30 points in the last two games?