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Patriots release WR Corey Coleman from practice squad

Whatever the solution is at wide receiver, the Patriots have decided that Corey Coleman ain’t it.

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

If you’re trying to read the tea leaves on what the Patriots are doing at wide receiver, just quit now, cause this stuff is even harder to figure out than writing a successful Tinder DM at 2am. After getting signed by the Patriots on September 11th, then released on the 17th to make room for another receiver you may have heard of, then signed to the practice squad on the 20th, Corey Coleman is getting released from the PS today.

The team confirmed a few minutes after Field broke the news.

Will someone please update the record of how many wide receiver moves the Patriots have made since March to....actually, I lost count. Where are we now, 35 or 36, maybe? Your guess is as good as mine.

For whatever reason, that’s 3 teams at more or less opposite levels of recent success all deciding that a former first-round pick wasn’t even worth a practice squad spot. Maybe file this one under “If you can’t spot the sucker at the table, it’s probably you”.

We’ll update this if anymore information becomes available. In the meantime, it’s Saturday. Go watch some college ball or play outside or something.