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Jason McCourty opens up about getting traded to the Patriots, playing with his brother

Jason’s had a long journey, but he’s just enjoying the ride.

Sirius At Super Bowl Day 1

New England Patriots cornerback Jason McCourty is preparing for the first postseason game of his 10-year career and he obviously hopes for two more games this year. While this is a new experience for Jason, it’s business as usual for his twin brother Devin McCourty, the Patriots starting safety.

Their journey has been long and, for nine years, separate, but they’ve come together this season. Jason wrote about his experience coming to the Patriots in The Players’ Tribune.

Jason talks about how he’s different from his twin. How Devin punched him in the nose when they were kids. How Jason was a sixth round pick that had to fight for a roster spot, while Devin was anointed as a first round selection and All Pro. How Jason never made the playoffs, while Devin won the division every season.

But they’ve still supported each other despite all their differences and Devin has always tried to bring Jason to New England to share the success.

The way my brother tells it, it all started with a text to Bill Belichick.

His pitch?

“Coach!!! What’s up? Two McCourtys are better than one.”

I don’t think every player is on texting terms with Coach. But Dev has been in New England his entire career. Nine seasons. He’s won two Super Bowls. So, all things considered, he wasn’t a bad reference on my behalf.

Coach didn’t respond.

No dots even indicating he was typing up a message. Nothing.

Straight played him.

Welp, I guess he thinks one McCourty is enough.

But then, 45 minutes later, my brother got a call from Bill. A traditional phone call seems more his style anyhow. Right after they spoke, Dev FaceTime’d me. I was at a rehab facility working on my ankle when I picked up. Right away I saw that he had this huge smile on his face, so I knew it was either good news or he’d thought of a funny way to roast me.

“I wanted to be the one to break the news to you. So, get ready. We’re about to trade for you.”

Jason shares how his mother and his wife reacted to the news and how he’s acclimated to his new team in New England. He shares a Bill Belichick story and how the head coach couldn’t tell Jason and Devin apart all offseason (and how the twins didn’t do anything to help him out). And how Jason’s developed his role in the New England secondary, which is the top secondary remaining in the postseason.

It’s a great story. Check it out here.