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2019 NFL playoffs: Get in the mood for today’s game and check out this Patriots hype video

Get chills and get ready for today’s huge matchup with Ryan Spagnoli’s Patriots Playoff Hype Video.

The NFL playoffs are here for the New England Patriots and we will see the team take on the Los Angeles Chargers later today. With the postseason, naturally, comes the postseason hype — and to further fire it up and get Patriots fans in the right mood for the contest that will be kicked off at 1:05 pm ET today, Pats Pulpit contributing writer and co-host of the Patriot Nation Podcast Ryan Spagnoli made his own hype video.

The clip, featuring highlights form New England’s 2018 season so far, is the second such clip to come out this week. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady shared his own hype video via social media yesterday, teaming up with Boston athletes Mookie Betts, Jason Tatum and Charlie McAvoy. Brady’s clip, like Ryan’s, is a perfect example that the most wonderful time of the year for Patriots fans has arrived: the playoffs.

And how can you not be excited about it, especially when you have plenty of hype-up material available?