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2019 AFC Championship Game: NFL investigating laser pointer at Arrowhead Stadium

Seriously, man?

NFL: AFC Championship Game-New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Somebody got their games mixed up. You know where we could have really used a laser pointer on Sunday?


Glad to see we’re still doing that whole “using your helmet as a weapon” thing. Good job, good effort.

Anyway, after we all had our nerves battered and fried all the way through overtime Sunday night, seeing the words “Patriots” and “NFL investigation” in the same sentence on Monday is usually not great for the ol’ blood pressure, but it turns out the league may actually be looking into something done *to* the Pats this time.

I know, right???

Kansas City reporter William Joy and his camera team caught a couple pretty intriguing shots of what looks like someone pointing a laser pointer at a few different Patriots players during the game, and by “intriguing” of course I mean “infuriating”.

So just in a few key situations in the final moments of a conference championship game, cool cool cool cool cool.

So while everyone involved - the Chiefs, the Patriots and the NFL - said they weren’t aware of it at the time our pal Will posted those, it didn’t take long before the league decided to check things out a bit closer. Crazy how they can get stuff done so fast when they actually decide they want to, right?

From the Boston Herald:

The NFL is “looking into” a report of a laser beam flashed in Tom Brady’s face during crunch time of last night’s thrilling playoff game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The green-tinted beam flickered off Brady’s upper body and face twice, video clips tweeted by a reporter from KMBC show.

Brian McCarthy, NFL vice president of communications, told the Herald tonight the league is “looking into the report of the laser beam” and NFL security is taking the lead.

“It didn’t affect the game, as far as we know,” McCarthy added.

This is where we have to do the mandatory disclaimer that every fanbase has some fans that are the absolute worst, but this is the kind of stuff that makes everybody look bad.

We’ll keep you guys posted if anything actually comes up with the NFL’s investigating, but short of finding a video of someone holding their arm out going PEW PEW PEW PEW, it’s hard to see them realistically getting anything else about this.

In the meantime, while a lot of us Patriots fans and New Englanders have a well-deserved reputation for being cocky at best and...let’s say, the jerk store’s all-time best seller at worst, let’s all make sure we’re not this guy.