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Take a first look at the Patriots’ jerseys for Super Bowl 53 against the Rams

New England has unveiled its look for the Super Bowl.

As was reported earlier this week, the New England Patriots will wear their white road jerseys when they take on the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 53. While the ensemble is no new one for the AFC champions — the Patriots have worn white to each of their last three Super Bowl appearances as well — it is still exciting to see how the outfit will actually look like in action.

Today, the Patriots’ social media team gave us a first look at the team’s white jerseys:

The Rams, for comparison, will wear their blue and yellow throwback uniforms — they will look as follows:

Visually, Super Bowl 53 shapes up to become a rather intriguing contest. The questions is now whether or not the actual on-field action will be as well. From New England’s perspective, it might be: the team has a winning record on the game’s biggest stage, winning three of its five titles whilst wearing white — Super Bowls 39, 49 and 51.

Overall, the Patriots’ Super Bowl record when broken down by jersey color looks as follows:

White: 3-2 (W: SB 39, SB 49, SB 51; L: SB 31, SB 52)

Blue: 2-2 (W: SB 36, SB 38; L: SB 42, SB 46)

Red: 0-1 (L: SB 20)

The first time the Patriots and Rams met in the Super Bowl — Super Bowl 36 after the 2001 season — New England wore its regular outfit of navy jerseys and silver pants, while the Rams wore white jerseys and golden pants.