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My favorite Patriots Super Bowl memory: The up and down that was Super Bowl 49

PatrioticChief writes about his favorite Super Bowl memory.

NFL: Super Bowl XLIX-New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the Super Bowl only one week away, the Pats Pulpit staff is traveling down memory lane to share it most cherished memories of the New England Patriots’ previous 10 title games. Today, we’ll continue the series with PatrioticChief’s favorite moment: New England’s thrilling win in Super Bowl 49.

A bunch of fraternity brothers and I are stuffed into a loft watching the game. The room is split fairly even between Patriots fans and Seahawks fans. The Seahawk fans have been the rowdy ones. They been chirping all game. You’d think the game was over when Tom Brady threw that red zone pick in the first half. They quieted down when Brady brought the boys back in the fourth.

Now the Patriots fans are finally a little chirpy but not nearly what the Seahawks fans were.

The Jermaine Kearse catch happens. The Patriot fans are devastated and the Seahawk fans are going ballistic.

Marshawn Lynch runs it to the 1 yard line. Everyone is out of their seats now. Patriots and Hawks. Everyone is crowded in front of the giant TV screaming that they are going to run it and the game is going to be over.

Malcolm Butler picks off Russel Wilson. There is no moment of silence. The Patriots fans immediately roar and start tearing into the Seahawks that have been mouthing off all night. It’s probably the most exciting Super Bowl memory of my life.