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“Zero” chance Super Bowl 53 is Tom Brady’s final game

In an interview with ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, Tom Brady reiterated he continues to play beyond this season

NFL: AFC Championship Game-New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs Mark Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady has made it well known he wants to continue playing in the NFL into his mid-to-late 40’s. And with a chance to win his sixth Super Bowl ring next Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams, his future plans remain unchanged. In an interview with ESPN’s Jeff Darlington, Brady said there is “zero” chance Super Bowl 53 will be his last game played.

At the age of 41, Brady has showed no signs of slowing down. A year after an MVP campaign, Brady and co. bested the leagues MVP favorite in the AFC Championship Game to reach his ninth Super Bowl.

In what many considered a “down” year for Brady, in which had analyst across the nation proclaiming he was “falling off a cliff” or had a “noodle arm”, Brady completed 65.8 percent of his passes for 4,355 yards, 29 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, and a 97.7 passer rating.

So why would Brady retire? His TB12 method has kept him pliable and healthy, all while he’s proved to still be one of the leagues elite quarterbacks. And just ask the Kansas City Chiefs, there’s no better quarterback in crunch time.

Brady often discussed the topic last offseason, and shared in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that retirement is coming “sooner rather than later”.

“I think about it more now than I used to. I think I’m seeing that there’s definitely an end coming, sooner rather than later,” Brady told Winfrey. “As long as I’m still loving it. As long as I’m loving the training and preparation and willing to make the commitment.”

In an ESPN Instagram post that followed about the subject, Brady responded in the comments by writing “Cuarenta y cinco,” which is 45 in Spanish.

With Super Bowl 53 in the near future, Brady likely isn't focused too much on retirement. He has the Patriots in their third straight Super Bowl, and nobody would be surprised if they made it four next year.

A sample of the interview with Darlington and Brady can be seen here: