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My favorite Patriots Super Bowl memory: New England’s perfect season is spoiled

Matthew Rewinski writes about his favorite Super Bowl memory.

Super Bowl XLII Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

With the Super Bowl only five days away, the Pats Pulpit staff is traveling down memory lane to share it most cherished memories of the New England Patriots’ previous 10 title games. Today, we’ll continue the series with Matthew Rewinski’s favorite moment: New England’s unsuccessful appearance in Super Bowl 42.

I’ve previously alluded to and/or admitted a couple things:

1) Having a bizarre the-one-that-got-away obsession with the 2007 New England Patriots, and

2) Being thrown out of a Super Bowl party when the Giants pulled off one of the greatest upsets in American sports history that year.

A bit of background: when I moved to Nashville in ‘04-’05 for college, Boston sports were kind of still in their lovable underdog phase (thanks Red Sox!). By 2007 when Spygate happened, the whole scene was more universally despised than prime Rodney Harrison, so naturally I roll into the Super Bowl party that year like “Hate Me Now” was my walkup music. Game’s going kind of slow, and of course everyone’s rooting for NY, but slow football games weren’t THAT uncommon back then, plus we knew the Giants could hang after almost losing to them in Week 17.

Even when Tyree caught it, I remember being like “Whatever, end zone’s still 30 yards away”, plus the Pats defense was takeaway city that year. Not worried. Then when Plaxico had enough time to send a T9 text before catching the game-winner, I remember slinging my hat across the room and when the confetti fell, chugged one beer, immediately grabbed another, went outside, and before I know what’s happening I’m hurling the bottle like a center fielder into the stairwell concrete. Best friend and a couple other guys immediately goes “We gotta get you out of here” and as I go for my keys he goes “NOPE!”, grabs them, and drives my raging drunk self back to our apartment. Never spoke about it again.