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Super Bowl 53: Vast majority of America is rooting for the Rams over the Patriots

But they expect an entirely different result.

The fans have spoken and, well, honestly I’m surprised with what they had to say. In our latest FanPulse survey, we asked fans of every NFL team “Who do you want to win the Super Bowl?” and “Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?”

Let’s just say that people gave very different answers.

An astounding 75% of fans are rooting for the Los Angeles Rams to topple the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 53, and I think it’s fair to say that the other 25% consist of football fans from New England, New Orleans, and Michigan- and that’s probably it. I’m sure that even fans from Seattle or San Francisco are rooting for their division rival over the Patriots:

But when you ask which team they think will win, the scales tip back in New England’s favor.

A Rob Gronkowski-approved 69% of fans believe the Patriots will beat the Rams, despite the fans’ rooting interest.

Let’s hope that the Patriots can give the people what they expect on Sunday, and not what they want to see.