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2019 NFL Wild Card Saturday Games: Patriots rooting guide and open thread

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New England Patriots vs Indianapolis Colts Photo by Christopher Evans/Digital First Media/Boston Herald via Getty Images

The New England Patriots have the week off, but they’ll be watching these Wild Card games closely.

4:35 PM ET: Colts at Texans on ABC/ESPN

According to our FanPulse survey, 55% of SB Nation readers believe the Colts will win.

The Patriots will likely be rooting for the Texans to win because: a) they’re arguably the most favorable match-up for New England in the divisional round; and b) a Colts victory sends Indianapolis to face the Kansas City Chiefs and I think the Los Angeles Chargers and Baltimore Ravens are far more likely than the Colts to beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead.

The Patriots want the Chiefs to lose in the divisional round so that New England could have homefield advantage for the rest of the postseason.

8:15 PM ET: Seahawks at Cowboys on FOX

According to our FanPulse survey, 71% of SB Nation readers believe the Seahawks will win.

This game doesn’t really matter for the Patriots, but the Seahawks are more likely than the Dallas Cowboys to go on the road and knock off the New Orleans Saints or Los Angeles Rams. So I’d root for the Seahawks to win as a way to possibly knock out the stronger teams in the NFC.

Use this as the open thread for discussion.