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2019 NFL Draft: Patriots projected to receive 4 compensatory picks

The Patriots will have a lot of draft picks to work with in 2019.

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

While the New England Patriots are still in the playoffs, 24 teams have turned their focus to the offseason. Nick Korte of released his final projections for compensatory picks in the 2019 NFL Draft.

The Patriots are projected to receive four compensatory draft picks:

  • Third round pick for losing LT Nate Solder. This is expected to be the second-highest compensatory pick in the draft.
  • Third round pick for losing CB Malcolm Butler. This is expected to be the sixth-highest compensatory pick.
  • Fifth round pick for losing WR Danny Amendola. Korte says that there is a chance this could wind up being the first compensatory pick in the sixth round.
  • Seventh round pick for losing OT Cameron Fleming.

The Patriots will not receive compensatory picks for losing RB Dion Lewis or DB Johnson Bademosi because they were canceled out by New England’s addition of EDGE Adrian Clayborn and RB Jeremy Hill.

The Patriots replaced the two big losses by trading for OT Trent Browns and CB Jason McCourty, while also drafting OT Isaiah Wynn and CB Duke Dawson for the future. Undrafted CB J.C. Jackson has also emerged as a key contributor.

The Patriots twelve selections in the 2019 NFL Draft project as follows:

1st Round: Own selection.

2nd Round: Bears (56th overall); Own selection.

3rd Round: Lions (72nd overall); Compensatory pick (Solder); Compensatory pick (Butler).

4th Round: Own selection.

5th Round: Compensatory pick (Amendola)

6th Round: None.

7th Round: Browns (Josh Gordon trade); Eagles (draft pick swap from 2018); Own selection; Compensatory pick (Fleming)