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The Scho Show Episode #26: What the Patriots can expect from Giants quarterback Daniel Jones

Tune in!

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It is time for Episode 26 of The Scho Show. Your... well maybe not your favorite New England Patriots podcast but perhaps at least one of your favorite New England Patriots podcasts. In this installment, Mark Schofield opens with a discussion about numbers, lists, Daniel Jones and how the rookie quarterback has handled pressure so far this season.

Then in Quality Time, Mark welcomes in Patricia Traina from Maven and the Locked On Giants podcast. The long-time New York Giants reporter shares her thoughts on the upcoming meeting between these two teams. Topics include:

  • The state of the Giants;
  • Injury woes;
  • Making the switch to Jones;
  • How the rookie has fared, and how Eli Manning has helped;
  • Squaring off with the Patriots;
  • Expectations for Thursday night, and;
  • Listener questions!

You can listen to the episode here, or wherever you get your podcasts. Also make sure to subscribe to the Pats Pulpit Podcasts on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Podcasts.