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Pulpit Playback Episode #1: The Butt Fumble

Tune in!

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The Pats Pulpit Podcast Network is proud to debut our newest show: Pulpit Playback. In each episode we will look back at some of the New England Patriots’ most memorable games and moments.

Since it is New York Jets Week and all, perhaps there is no better place to start than on a Thanksgiving night almost seven years ago. In front of a national audience the Patriots and the Jets clashed at MetLife Stadium. The Patriots entered the game with a 7-3 record and were looking to win their fifth-straight contest, while the 4-6 Jets were hoping to claw back into the playoff hunt, delivering their bitter rivals a big blow in the process.

No one was prepared for what happened that night.

This is the premier episode of Pulpit Playback. The Butt Fumble.

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