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The Scho Show Episode #28: Bennett, Darnold and Quality Time with Phil Perry

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On this installment of The Scho Show, Mark Schofield opens with a discussion of the Michael Bennett news. Then, some thoughts on N’Keal Harry, his return to practice and what he can bring to the table. From there, Mark scratches the surface of his thoughts on “Mono Free Sammy D,” — New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold — and highlights a route concept that the New England Patriots need to be ready for on Monday night.

Then the Senator Phil Perry joins the show for some Quality Time. The two dive into potential acquisitions, thoughts on the defense, and more. Topics include:

  • Veteran wide receiver acquisitions through history;
  • The “Virtual Room;”
  • Michael Bennett’s usage;
  • Shooting a “campaign ad” at the Lincoln Memorial, and;
  • Expectations for Monday night.

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