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On Netflix drama, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is far from an innocent victim

Brady should’ve seen the connections the media and public would draw.

New York Giants v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Tom Brady can play the victim all he wants, but he should’ve known exactly what the general public would take away from his appearance on the Netflix show Living With Yourself. The context doesn’t matter. It’s really never mattered, but matters even less now with social media and the use of clips. You don’t have to watch the entire episode anymore, you just need to see the 41-second clip that got posted on twitter.

Yes, the show was written four years ago, and is about possibly cloning yourself, but it just doesn’t matter. Timothy Greenberg, the show’s creator, was worried that Brady would pull out of the show because of the perceived connection to Robert Kraft’s legal situation. If he could foresee potential problems, then how come Brady couldn’t.

I’m not saying that Brady had a malicious intent, or that he intentionally took a shot at Kraft. I think he genuinely thought it was a funny show and funny because he never seems to age, but he also can’t sit there and play the victim. The connection to the real life legal situation with the New England Patriots’ owner is completely obvious, and should’ve been something that Brady considered before following through with the shoot.

For a guy who is usually so careful with his public image, this is a rare misstep. One I’m sure he’ll learn from and never make again.

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