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Looks like rookie offensive lineman Yodny Cajuste is out for the season

Patriots offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia confirmed that we probably won’t see Yodny till 2020.

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To take the privilege of speaking for everyone who’s spent hours of their life blasting aliens into smithereens with a freaking gun with a chainsaw on it in Gears of War, who can forget this absolutely cliche but also completely BAMF one-liner:

“Support? YOU ARE the support, son!”

And based on the play of, um, not naming names, but a certain offensive tackle who’s currently rocking a Pro Football Focus grade of 58.6 on the year, most Patriots fans may as well have made a football Advent calendar for the days until offensive tackle Isaiah Wynn finally hits the field again, and then there was also the chance that third-round rookie tackle Yodny Cajuste could step in and do, well, Yodny Cajuste things, like this:

Key word there being “was”, because after Yodny started the season on reserve/non-football injury list, according to the Patriots coaching staff, he’s probably in for a redshirt season, just like our fearless leader Bernd Buchmasser theorized back around Independence Day.

More from NESN:

Asked whether the team views this season as a de facto redshirt year for Cajuste, Scarnecchia replied: “That’s probably a pretty good way of saying it.”

“He’s probably not ready to do anything and probably won’t be until next year,” the coach added.

Scarnecchia, who is in his 34th season as a Patriots assistant, blamed himself for the unit’s struggles. “I think it’s everything,” he said. “We have to do things better. I have to coach better. I have to coach a lot better than I’ve been coaching, so I’d start with that, and we have to do things a lot better than we’ve been doing. … I know what I really believe in, and we’re not seeing enough of what I believe in out there, so I’m not getting my message across. I think I have to do a lot better job than what I’ve been doing.”

For as much as Bill’s dropped the “we only have so many roster spots” line this season, it’s certainly a bit odd for the Patriots to choose to sit a rookie out for the year at a position that the team’s clearly been trying to fortify with depth all year long. So your faithful author is no doctor, and actually doesn’t even go to the doctor when I’m supposed to, but the inference here would certainly be that either Yodny’s recovery is taking longer than expected, or he could use the extra time to learn the system, or the team’s decided that depth at other positions is more valuable - or, who are we kidding, probably some combination of all that.

In the meantime, check out Bernd’s roster breakdown of what Yodny can bring to the team once he’s healthy and earns a roster spot:

New England Patriots 2019 roster breakdown: #TBD OT Yodny Cajuste

(And for you jersey number nerds, his number is 63 now)