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The Scho Show Episode #23: Stephen Gostkowski, Jordan Richards, Washington’s passing attack and Mark Bullock

Tune in!

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Mark Schofield opens up Episode 23 of The Scho Show by addressing the biggest news to come out of Foxborough on Wednesday. First, some words on the return of safety Jordan Richards to the New England Patriots. Then, a breakdown of Stephen Gostkowski’s trip to the injured reserve. Afterwards, Mark does his best Bill Belichick impression by trying to scare listeners about the Washington passing attack.

Next, it’s “Quality Time” with Mark Bullock from The Athletic DC. The Marks discuss this current state of the Redskins and more. Topics include:

  • What Washington does well on both sides of the ball;
  • The state of the quarterback position;
  • Defending Tom Brady;
  • Jay Gruden’s offensive designs, and;
  • Listener questions!

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