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Julian Edelman just released the official ‘Boogeymen’ trailer in time for Halloween

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Julian Edelman is a man of many talents: as quarterback Tom Brady’s go-to wide receiver he has helped the New England Patriots win three Super Bowls, he has co-produced a documentary about him — 100%: Julian Edelman — and he also has shared some terrific self-made videos via his YouTube account. His latest creation was unveiled earlier today, and it is the official trailer for the Patriots’ record breaking defense.

The Boogeymen.

Just in time for Halloween, the 33-year-old released a horror-flick clip centered around New England’s defense — one that ranks first in the NFL in most major categories and has been the catalyst for the team’s 8-0 start. Along the way, linebacker Jamie Collins Sr. came up with the “Boogeymen” moniker and it has stuck with the unit ever since while opposing players such as New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold have further helped the mystique.

Darnold is one of many “guest starts” featured in the short clip alongside multiple defenders and head coach Bill Belichick. How the latter feels about the trailer is not known at this point, but we certainly do know that he appreciates the “great holiday” that is Halloween.