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Patriots fans are not buying the rumors about Tom Brady leaving the team next year

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Cleveland Browns v New England Patriots Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Few if any media members are as connected around the NFL as ESPN insider Adam Schefter, who has broken dozens of news stories over the years. Naturally, people therefore listen whenever he speaks — something he also did ahead of the New England Patriots’ Monday night game against the New York Jets in Week 7. His topic that day? None other than the greatest quarterback to ever play the game, the Patriots’ Tom Brady.

Schefter spoke about how Brady and his personal trainer, Alex Guerrero, putting their houses on the market is an indication that both would move on from New England sooner rather than later. The long-time NFL reporter voiced his opinion on the matter as follows: “He could change his mind. But I’m just telling you, if you look at it, in his mind, it has to be clear. He’s thinking about leaving New England.”

The statements were widely discussed in New England and beyond, including on Pats Pulpit where Matthew Rewinski wrote a terrific breakdown of the arguments being made in regards to the quarterback’s future. In his piece, Matthew pointed out that “everything [Schefter said], from the house-selling to the contract voiding, fits right in with exactly what Tom Brady’s been telling everyone who asks he’s going to do.”

Apparently, Matthew is far from the only person to feel that way about the whole affair as a look at the latest FanPulse numbers shows. Earlier this week, participants were asked where they see Brady in 2020 and “Playing for the Patriots” received by far the most votes among the three possible answers: 84% picked this option, clearly more than those who chose “Retired” (15%) and “Playing for another team” (1%).

New England’s followers seem quite confident when it comes to the future of their team’s 42-year-old quarterback, even though a lot can of course happen after the 2019 season comes to an end. That being said, Brady wearing another uniform before his eventual retirement seems to be an unrealistic scenario — as is him retiring before the age of 45, an age he has repeatedly stated as the one he wants to reach before calling it a career.

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