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NFL x Twitch: Week 5 Review

@Ryan_Keiran takes you through a review of the week in football while answering your questions and playing some Madden!

To those of you familiar with the stream, welcome back! To those of you who are just learning about it now, welcome! Every Tuesday the stream focuses on reviewing the week that just wrapped up, and on Thursdays I preview the week to come.

This week, for the Patriots I’m focusing on why it’s time to get an extension done for Kyle Van Noy, Sony Michel’s renaissance and if he’s going to be capable of building on it, and how much of a concern the offensive line is going to be going forward.

Around the league, I want to hit on the Cowboys fall back to earth, Lamar Jacksons struggles and why I’m not concerned, Deshaun Watson’s place among QB’s in the league, how the Bills are probably going to be 8-3 at worst, and more!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @Ryan_Keiran, on Twitch at, and if you are feeling generous feel free to subscribe to the stream as well. If you have Amazon Prime, you can link your Twitch account and get one free subscription per month! If the embedded video below doesn’t work or you’d like to open the stream in a new tab, click here.