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Rob Gronkowski to Join Fox Sports as an Analyst

Gronk will be swapping out the pads for a suit as he joins Fox Sports.

Pittsburgh Steelers v New England Patriots Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

While we all wait with bated breath to see if Rob Gronkowski will be coming out of retirement to give the Patriots offense a boost once the playoff push starts in earnest, Gronk has decided to try his hand at pregame commentary.

Accordning to Ian Rappoport, Gronk has been hired by Fox to make appearances on their pregame show as an analyst:

In addition to being the greatest tight end to ever play the game, Gronk was never at a loss for juicy soundbytes, so I for one am very excited to see how he does. Plus, despite his undisputed status as Meathead King, Gronk actually has an incredibly high level of football intelligence, so he should be a solid add to the squad.

And even if he isn’’s not like it takes all that much brains to sit at a desk and make predictions about the upcoming games. This is a great move for Gronk, and will give him plenty of time to keep himself in football shape for when he comes back later this year.

Because he’s totally coming back. Yup. No doubt about it.