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The Scho Show Episode #35: Defending Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, plus Quality Time with Doug Farrar

Tune in!

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Episode 35 of The Scho Show is up and ready for you, to help you get prepared for the game everyone is looking forward to this weekend. In the beginning, Mark Schofield dives back into some nerdy football talk, highlighting just how difficult Lamar Jackson and this Baltimore Ravens offense are to defend. From movement and eye angles to screwing with the reads for linebackers, this is a tough running game to attack. Oh, and there’s Lamar Jackson’s pure athletic ability — and his growth as a passer — to contend with.

There is also some more Tite discussion, if you are into that sort of thing.

Then during “Quality Time” Doug Farrar joins the show. Doug was at the Baltimore game in Seattle and saw first-hand what Lamar can do as a quarterback. They discuss how New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick defended Colin Kaepernick in two different meetings, the idea of “spying the gap,” Jackson’s growth as a passer, how Belichick will probably have multiple plans of attack, why we might see Cover 3 Bail, and oh yeah, what to expect when the Patriots have the football.

Plus Doug outlines his three selections from New England for his midseason “All-Underrated” team.

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