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The Scho Show Episode #39: The Eagles’ pass defense and Michael Kist

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As we close in on the 40th installment of The Scho Show it is time to take a deeper look at the Philadelphia Eagles. The show begins with some numbers, as Mark Schofield walks through what scares him about the Eagles defense — specifically its ability to generate pressure on opposing passers. Then Mark highlights some route concepts that have worked against the Philadelphia secondary, and how, if given time, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady could be in for a big afternoon.

Then the venerable Michael J. Kist joins the show for Quality Time. The cohost of the wildly popular Kist and Solak Show as well as the also popular QB Scho Show comes on to talk all things Eagles. From their struggles at wide receiver, to the issues with their defense through the play from Carson Wentz, Michael breaks it all down. He even closes with a historical reference you have to hear to believe.

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