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The Scho Show Episode #40: A Week 11 Glorious Victory edition following the Patriots’ 17-10 win over the Eagles

Back in the win column!

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A W is a W is a W.

Episode 40 of The Scho Show is another Glorious Victory Edition. The New England Patriots went on the road against an opponent who needed a victory and came out victorious, topping the Philadelphia Eagles 17-10. As we do on each GVE, we break down the great, the good and the bad.

As you might expect, we begin with the defense. After giving up 10 points this unit kept the Eagles off the scoreboard, forcing nothing but punts and turnovers on downs to close out the game. Impressive performances from a number of players on this side of the ball.

But we also need to show some love for the special teams, as Jake Bailey and Matthew Slater helped control field position and keep the game tilted in New England’s favor.

As always, there are game balls to be awarded, and in addition a bit of a twist on our usual “take of the game” from The Scho Scho Slack Channel. Which again, you can join! Feel free to hit me up on Twitter @MarkSchofield or mark dot schofield @ insidethepylon dot com for an email invite.

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