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Tom Brady doesn’t take ‘Victory Monday’ off in light of the Patriots’ offensive struggles

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New England Patriots Practice Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Tom Brady is not happy with the current state of the New England Patriots offense. His feelings were visible during his brief press conference after the team’s 17-10 win against the Philadelphia Eagles, and he also shared his thoughts during radio interviews on WEEI and Westwood One on Monday: the 42-year-old acknowledged his frustration with the Patriots’ uneven productivity and inconsistent play on the offensive side of the ball.

In order to actively help the offense get back on track this week against the visiting Dallas Cowboys, Brady was one of numerous players to report to the team’s facilities at Gillette Stadium on Monday (via ESPN Boston’s Mike Reiss) — even though the players were awarded their first “Victory Monday” of the season by head coach Bill Belichick after the game in Philadelphia. New England’s quarterback, however, decided to spend his day off by working out.

Judged by his comments on Westwood One, Brady’s main focus will be on finding a way to take advantage of opportunities — something the offense failed to do against the Eagles: “I’ve said we’ve got to take advantage when we get opportunities in short fields. We had a few of those and really didn’t, and those are the ones that probably frustrate me the most,” the future Hall of Famer said during his interview with Jim Gray on Monday.

“I think when you get the ball on the 50-yard line a couple of times and don’t do anything with it, those are the frustrating ones,” he continued. “It’s one thing when you’re backed up on your own 5-yard line all day — and we haven’t had many of those — but there are some times that we’re getting great field position, the defense is putting us in great field position, and we’re not taking advantage of our opportunities.”

New England won the field position battle on Sunday but was unable to take full advantage: the two first-half drives that started in Philadelphia territory — one at the Eagles’ 48-yard line, another at the 22 after a Lawrence Guy fumble recovery — both ended with two field goals; two series starting at the Patriots’ 48 in the second half saw the team punt after only a few plays.