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Find out what Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is thankful for this Thanksgiving (and his pie of choice)

Belichick spoke with the media this week, and shared

New England Patriots Practice Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The holiday season is upon us! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means that quite a few things are on the menu all across the country: spending time with the family, eating plenty of food, and watching the Detroit Lions try to put a somewhat presentable product onto the football field. For the New England Patriots, Thanksgiving is a bit different as team still has to prepare for its upcoming game against the Houston Texans.

That does not mean the holiday spirit has to wait outside of Gillette Stadium, and not even head coach Bill Belichick is immune to it — at least when asked. At the end of today’s press conference, the future Hall of Famer was asked about what he would be thankful for this Thanksgiving: “The opportunity to coach the team, and the players and the staff that we have here,” said Belichick in his usual deadpanned manner.

“Players work hard, we have a good group. Coaching staff is good, they make my job a lot easier. The opportunity to be a head coach in the National Football League for the New England Patriots,” he continued. Upon leaving the stage after answering the question, Belichick was also asked about his pie of choice and he replied much more cheerfully: “Whatever’s on the table. I’ll take them all.”