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The Scho Show Episode #45: How can the Patriots stop the Texans’ passing game?

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In a very special Thanksgiving installment of The Scho Show, Mark Schofield gives you some nerdy football talk to wash down your leftovers with. In the first half of the show, Mark dives into the Houston offense and uses some numbers to illustrate what Deshaun Watson is doing well. Then, it is nerdy schematic time, as Mark highlights some of the concepts and designs that Bill O’Brien uses to protect his QB and give him opportunities to succeed downfield.

In the second half of the show, Mark highlights some instances where Watson has struggled this season, specifically in terms of his hesitation in the face of pressure. Sacks are in part a quarterback stat, and Watson’s high sack numbers are partly his fault.

Then Mark closes out the show with a look at Friday’s slate of college games and highlights perhaps his new favorite draft quarterback: Anthony Gordon from Washington State.

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