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Pats Pulpit’s New England Patriots Midseason Awards: Defensive MVP

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The New England Patriots’ season is nine weeks old and the reigning world champions, who are currently 8-1, can finally enjoy a weekend off. This gives us here at Pats Pulpit time to take a look back and analyze the half-season that was — and hand out same awards along the way. Today, the trophy for Defensive Most Valuable Player will be awarded to...

Bernd Buchmasser: CB Stephon Gilmore

New England fields the most dominant secondary in the NFL, and Stephon Gilmore is the group’s best member nine games into the season. The third-year Patriot has shut down whoever he went up against, and allows the Patriots to play the aggressive coverage style they are most comfortable in.

Oliver Thomas: CB Stephon Gilmore

New England’s reigning first-team All-Pro cornerback is on his way to returning there. Gilmore has intercepted three passes, conceded zero touchdowns while scoring one and, according to Pro Football Focus, seen his coverage net a quarterback rating of 45.1.

Alec Shane: CB Stephon Gilmore

He’s as lights out as he has ever been, and his play has allowed the rest of the defense to do what it has been doing.

Slot Machine Player: CB Stephon Gilmore

Watching games, you see number 58 everywhere, and I’d like to show Collins some love, but Stephon Gilmore has been removing one guy from the field every snap, and that allows the defense to do what they do.

Matthew Rewinski: FS Devin McCourty

Just another DMac year of keeping the back end ruining wide receivers’ lives and allowing the defense to play that single-high coverage they’ve been so gnarly at blitzing with. Also, for a guy who frequently plays down in the box or as a robber, McCourty’s durability is Wolverine-like. Best ability, and all that. Oooooh, almost forgot: McCourty’s already got five picks, and two more will tie him with his best season ever. 2010, when he played cornerback.

Pat Lane: LB Dont’a Hightower

He’s the leader of this defense on and off the field. His screaming at the defense in the Ravens game was exactly what they needed, and exactly what the leader needs to do. He’s not always the flashiest, but him playing his spot allows everyone else to play to their strengths.

Who gets your vote for Defensive MVP? Let us know in the comments!


Who is the Patriots’ Defensive MVP

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  • 56%
    CB Stephon Gilmore
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  • 8%
    LB Dont’a Hightower
    (57 votes)
  • 6%
    FS Devin McCourty
    (48 votes)
  • 28%
    LB Jamie Collins
    (196 votes)
  • 0%
    Other (name in comments)
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