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New England Patriots links 12/11/19 - Taking a closer look at the rookies

Daily news and links for Wednesday

New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles
Chase Winovich ready to spring
Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images




  • Mike Freeman (Bleacher Report) 10-Point Stance: 1. NFL isn’t giving benefit of doubt to the Pats. “I believe him. To me, the odds that this is some type of nefarious cheating plot are zero. Less than zero. But very few people seem to believe that.” 6. More bad officiating: Everyone should hate what happened to the Patriots on Sunday.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Looming “top-down review” of officiating puts even more pressure on officiating.
  • Danny Kelly (The Ringer) The impending NFL free agents who have set themselves up for big money.
  • NFL Nation (ESPN) 2020 NFL draft nuggets, picks and what you need to know for all 32 teams. Patriots: Projected first-round pick, No. 30.
  • Josh Alper (ProFootballTalk) NFL projects 2020 salary cap in range of $196.8M – $201.2M.
  • Tim McManus (ESPN) ‘Bring it on, man’: NFL players prep for work stoppage, but vulnerability remains.


  • NESN reports that according to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport and Judy Battista, the NFL is “inclined” to believe New England’s explanation.
  • Tom E. Curran gives us the best reason why we should believe Bill Belichick: The Mona Lisa Vito press conference.
  • Peter Botte (NY Post) The Patriots actually might not be cheating this time.
  • Mike Florio (ProFootballTalk) Common sense likely will prevail in spygate 2.
  • Andy Hart says that fair or in this case not, the Patriots’ reputation will always precede them. A reputation that was relentlessly shaped and forged by media with an agenda.
  • Ty Anderson sees the new Patriots “controversy” as coming down to one single question: Do you believe them?
  • Tadd Haislop (Sporting News) Did the Patriots cheat by videotaping Bengals? Examining evidence on both sides of the NFL’s investigation.
  • Doug Farrar (TouchdownWire) Why the NFL will throw the book at the Patriots for another video scandal.
  • Michael Rosenberg (SI) Your move, Goodell: NFL should punish the Patriots for taping the Bengals. “It’s very possible that New England didn’t knowingly break league rules... and the commissioner should still dock the Patriots in some manner.”
  • Mike DeCourcy (Sporting News) As Patriots try to explain another videotaping issue to NFL, they face a credibility problem. /Nah...
  • Jason La Canfora (CBS Sports) Patriots video drama: There’s no benefit of the doubt for a franchise that has been down this road before.
  • Mark Maske (Washington Post) NFL hopes to decide quickly whether to punish Patriots for taping Bengals’ sideline.
  • John Breech (CBS Sports) Illegal Patriots video reportedly shows Bengals coaching signals, cameraman wanted to delete footage.
  • Charles Robinson (Yahoo! Sports) Some NFL executives want to see the Patriots tape for themselves.
  • Tom E. Curran Patriots Talk podcast: Rich Eisen on ‘positively absurd’ Spygate 2.0. (39 min.) Curran: “I believe Bill Belichick.”
  • Kevin Clark (The Ringer) Slow News Day podcast: The Patriots were caught filming the Bengals’ sideline at last weekend’s Browns game. Was it cheating or just incompetence? (8.10 min.) Amy Trask shows why she’s the boss, cites ‘Hanlon’s razor’: “Never assign to malice what can be explained by incompetence.”
  • Terez Paylor and Charles Robinson (Yahoo! Sports) NFL Podcast: The evidence behind the Spygate sequel and truth behind the OBJ trade rumors. (60 min.)