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Looking for a Patriots-related Christmas gift? We have you covered as if we were Stephon Gilmore!

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The real football, as the New England Patriots are always quick to point out, does not start until after Thanksgiving. Going by that logic, one could also argue that that’s when the real Christmas stress kicks in as well: with only a few weeks to go between Turkey Day and Christmas, you need the right game plan to survive — just as you do on the football field.

And since we are striving to help you follow and understand the game, we are also here for you to find the right holiday presents. And one that works perfectly as such is another piece of apparel that gets unveiled today: the Free Metcon 2, Nike’s newest Patriots-themed shoe. It hits stores today, including our very own Pats Pulpit FanShop. Check it out:

Check out the latest Nike Pats-themed shoe

It’s part of the Nike Free Metcon 2 Series, and it’s available in a new Patriots style.