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Film room: Breaking down the Bills’ pass defense heading into its game against the Patriots

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A massive AFC East clash awaits on Saturday when the New England Patriots host the Buffalo Bills. More than just bragging rights are on the line, the Patriots need a victory to lock up the AFC East and get themselves one step closer to a first-round bye in the playoffs.

The Bills’ defense has been able to frustrate Tom Brady and the New England passing game in their recent meetings, and Week 4 of this season was no exception. Brady completed just 18 of 39 passes for 150 yards and no touchdowns, along with an ugly interception in the end zone.

In this video, we look at two ways in which the Bills were able to hamper the New England passing attack:

  • Rotation in the secondary
  • Getting into underneath throwing lanes

The four plays from Week 4 broken down in this video provide a great set of examples for both. And if the Patriots’ passing game is going to get on track Saturday, they will need to have an answer for these challenges.