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Film room: How has Josh Allen grown since his first meeting with the Patriots this season?

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You might have heard someone say this week that the New England Patriots are not going to be facing the “Josh Allen they saw back in Week 4.”

As a Patriots fan, that might dishearten you somewhat. After all, over two starts against the Patriots Allen has thrown five interceptions, and his numbers actually get worse from there. Whether the sub-50% completion percentage, the meager 5.36 yards per attempt, or the paltry 2.39 adjusted yards per attempt, the statistics do not lie: Allen has struggled against Bill Belichick’s defense.

The film, at least from Week 4, largely backs that up.

But how has he fared — or grown — since then? The film helps to answer that question as well. In this video we put Allen’s Week 4 outing under the microscope, and then compare it with some of what we saw in Week 15. In addition, Allen still has a trump card up his sleeve: That right arm of his.

Join me in the film room, and check out the most recent installment of The Scho Show for more on Allen’s play.