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Patriot Nation Podcast #58: AFC playoff picture, the best games of the decade, our all decade team & more!

Spags and Pat recap the historic decade the Patriots had by ranking the best games 1-18 and their top 10 players of the decade.

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On the latest episode of the Patriot Nation Podcast, Pat and Spags sit down and recap the Bills games and what this win may mean for the team heading into January. They also take a look at the current AFC playoff picture and how the New England Patriots may have their toughest test to the Super Bowl ever.

With it being the final show of the year and the decade they also have some fun and rank the games 1-18 as well as a Top 10 All-decade team:

All-Decade Team

  1. Tom Brady
  2. Rob Gronkowski
  3. Julian Edelman
  4. Dont’a Hightower
  5. Devin McCourty
  6. Stephon Gilmore
  7. Danny Amendola
  8. James White
  9. Rob Ninkovich
  10. Matthew Slater

Best Patriots Games of the Decade

  1. Super Bowl XLIX
  2. Super Bowl LI
  3. 2018 AFC Championship game vs. Chiefs
  4. 2014 Divisional round game vs. Ravens
  5. Super Bowl LIII
  6. 2013 vs. Saints
  7. 2017 AFC Championship game vs. Jaguars
  8. 2017 vs. Steelers
  9. 2013 vs. Denver
  10. 2018 vs. Chiefs
  11. 2014 AFC Championship game vs. Colts
  12. 2011 AFC Championship game vs. Ravens
  13. 2014 vs. Bengals: “On to Cincinnati”
  14. 2015 vs. Giants
  15. 2013 vs. Browns
  16. 2017 vs. Texans
  17. 2012 vs. Jets
  18. 2019 vs. Bills

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