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The Scho Show Episode #49: The hard truths about the Patriots after their loss to the Chiefs

It is time for a difficult talk.

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In the wake of a disappointing New England Patriots loss against the Kansas City Chiefs, Mark Schofield struggles to find the answers on episode 49 of The Scho Show.

Harkening back to his days as an attorney, Mark summons the courage for one more “come to Jesus” discussion. Friends, it is time to be honest: This is not a complete football team right now. Yes, the defense and special teams are doing more than their fair share. But as Bill Belichick himself always stresses, you need all three phases.

Yes, there were moments. Yes, it seemed like the Old Warrior was pushing back the shadows of winter on a fourth down scramble. Yes, the officiating was horrible. But you must admit, there are issues.

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