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The 5 best moments from the Patriots’ post-Super Bowl media round

New England’s player enjoyed the spotlight after their win in the Super Bowl.

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros/via

To quote Spider Man’s uncle Ben: with great power comes great responsibility — and for the Super Bowl champions, this means making the media rounds after winning pro football’s biggest game. This year, the honor of doing that falls on the New England Patriots after they defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in Super Bowl 53. Let us now recap the best moments from the team’s players visiting different shows to talk about the game, and much more.

Rob Gronkowski talking about his offseason contact with Tom Brady...

Rob Gronkowski went on NBC’s Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday. He was asked about the Patriots’ Super Bowl parade and getting hit by a beer can, but wouldn’t address questions on his possible retirement. What the 29-year old did point out, though, is his knowledge of overcoming bumps and bruises — and coming back stronger every time — and his offseason contact with quarterback Tom Brady.

...and explaining “didgeridoo” in the most Gronk way possible

Gronkowski, alongside fellow guests Liam Hemsworth and Jessica Williams, also played a round of the game Catchphrase alongside the show’s host. The Patriots tight end had to explain multiple words but it was the final one — didgeridoo — that was the most entertaining.

Julian Edelman getting his beard shaved for charity

Julian Edelman grew his beard for nine months before letting it be shaved off by Ellen DeGeneres on her show for NBC. In exchange, the MVP of Super Bowl 53 matched a $10,000 donation to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Edelman also answered a few questions by the host and talked about his family being named the most valuable player of the NFL’s title game.

Kyle Van Noy defending Tom Brady’s “noodle arm”

The Patriots rode the underdog train all the way to the Vince Lombardi Trophy and one of the men most responsible for helping them in doing that is ESPN’s Max Kellerman — an commentator about whom Kyle Van Noy once said that he should “stick to boxing” instead of talking about football. After the Super Bowl, the linebacker and running back Sony Michel were given a chance to speak to Kellerman on his show First Take and Van Noy did not pull any punches while seemingly enjoying the experience.

Sony Michel talking about the Super Bowl party

After scoring the game’s only touchdown, running back Sony Michel was given some time on ABCs Jimmy Kimmel Live to not only speak about the game and the party following it: Michel also talked about his family in Haiti, all while appearing to be a confident person in front of the camera despite his status as a first-year player in the NFL.