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Patriots-Chiefs could be the next great rivalry of the AFC

You might not view the Patriots and Chiefs as heated rivals, but any time Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes go head-to-head is must-see TV.

AFC Championship - New England Patriots v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

If there is one thing the Kansas City Chiefs did in 2018, it was show that they are here to stay.

They were the best team in the AFC all year. They lit up scoreboards week after week. They dazzled their beloved fans at Arrowhead Stadium like no Chiefs team ever has before. They were like the Greatest Show on Turf, only amplified.

And quarterback Patrick Mahomes, in his first year as a starter, didn’t meet a challenge that he couldn’t overcome. Well, except for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

The Chiefs played the Patriots twice this past season — once in the regular season at Gillette Stadium, and again in the AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead — and they went 0-2. Seemingly, the only thing standing in between Kansas City and the Super Bowl is New England.

It’s almost as if a legitimate rivalry could break out between these two teams. Sure enough, they are scheduled to play each other again in Foxboro in 2019. If you’re a football fan, that’s a game that you shouldn’t want to miss, no matter who your team is. Brady vs. Mahomes could become the hottest ticket in the NFL.

It could be the best thing since the Brady vs. Manning days. Any time Brady and the Pats would go up against Peyton Manning’s Colts or Broncos, there wasn’t a football fan in America that wasn’t on the edge of his/her seat. It was absolute sports gold, as good as it gets.

It could be the same when Brady and Mahomes take the field against each other, except even more dramatic due to their vast age differences. Brady will be 42 next season, and Mahomes will be 24. Every time these two clubs meet, it will be as if Mahomes is trying to dethrone Brady once and for all, while the six-time champ does everything he can to maintain his grasp on the crown.

Even if it only lasts for a few more seasons while Brady finishes out his Hall of Fame career, every Patriots-Chiefs matchup will be heavily anticipated, and greatly intense. This is what rivalries are made of.

Will it be the same as the Brady-Manning rivalry, with two all-time great quarterbacks going at it in their primes? Maybe not. But Brady and Mahomes have yet to play a game against each other that wasn’t absolute must-see television.

If this doesn’t constitute a rivalry — even if it’s just a miniature one — then I don’t know what does.