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NFL announces 2019 compensatory draft picks; Patriots have 4 more selections

New England has a lot of draft capital this year.

New England Patriots Victory Parade Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

The NFL awarded compensatory draft picks on Friday afternoon and the New England Patriots were major winners.

Compensatory picks are given to teams that lot important free agents in the prior offseason. The calculation to determine the compensatory picks is based on the contract value of the player, their playing time, and any awards earned by that player.

New England received two third round picks (97th and 101st), a sixth round pick (205th), and a seventh round pick (252nd) for losing LT Nate Solder, CB Malcolm Butler, WR Danny Amendola, and OT Cameron Fleming, respectively.

The Patriots received the second-highest compensatory pick for losing Solder, edged out only by Washington, who received the top compensatory pick for losing QB Kirk Cousins.

The New England Patriots’ 2019 NFL Draft Picks are as follows:

First round: 32nd overall

Second round: 56th (from Chicago Bears), 64th

Third round: 73rd (from Detroit Lions), 97th (compensatory), 101st (compensatory)

Fourth round: 134th

Fifth round: None.

Sixth round: 205th (compensatory)

Seventh round: 237th (from Philadelphia Eagles), 243rd (from Cleveland Browns), 246th, 252nd (compensatory)

So New England has 12 draft picks in the 2019 NFL Draft and are well positioned to add a lot of talent to a championship quality roster. And 2018 first round pick OL Isaiah Wynn and 2018 second round DB Duke Dawson will return after barely suiting up all rookie season due to injuries. The rich continue to get richer.