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The Patriots set 17 new Super Bowl records against the Rams

New England keeps adding to its list of accomplishments.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The New England Patriots are world champions after beating the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl 53. The game itself was a defensive battle that saw the Patriots’ unit dominate even at the time when the offense struggled to generate momentum. But at the end of the day, New England — as appears to be the norm — made the plays it needed to make to win its sixth Lombardi Trophy by a final score of 13-3.

While the game was a low-scoring affair, it still set numerous all-time records. The following 17 of which were accomplished by the Patriots either as a team or through individual players (via Elias Sports Bureau):

Most Games – 9, Tom Brady

Most Games, Winning Team – 6, Tom Brady

Oldest Starting QB, Winning Team – 41, Tom Brady

Most Games, Head Coach – 9, Bill Belichick

Most Games, Winning Team, Head Coach – 6, Bill Belichick

Oldest Head Coach, Winning Team – 66, Bill Belichick

Most Passes, Career – 392, Tom Brady

Most Completions, Career – 256, Tom Brady

Most Passing Yards, Career – 2,838, Tom Brady

Most Games, Team – 11, New England

Fewest Points, Game, Both Teams – 16, New England (13) vs. L.A.Rams (3)

Fewest Points, Game, Winning Team – 13, New England

Fewest Points Through 3 Quarters, Both Teams – 6, New England (3) vs. L.A.Rams (3)

Fewest Touchdowns, Game, Both Teams – 1, New England (1) vs. L.A.Rams (0)

Fewest PATs, Game, Both Teams – 1, New England (1) vs. L.A.Rams (0)

Fewest Kickoff Returns, Game, Both Teams – 2, New England (1) vs. L.A.Rams (1)

Most Consecutive Drives Ending With A Punt, Game, Team – 8, L.A.Rams

The list above reflects multiple things. For one, it illustrates just now incredible the Patriots’ top duo of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady is: in their 17 years together as head coach and starting quarterback, the two pushed the mark of what it means to be successful in the NFL as a coach or player to ever new heights. Winning Super Bowl 53 is just the latest addition to their incredible list of accomplishments.

The same goes for the Patriots organization as a whole. The team appeared in its record 11th title game on Sunday, winning a record-tying sixth title. Speaking of tying record, the Patriots did not just set 17 new marks against Los Angeles — not all necessarily for reasons viewed as “positive” by the public eye (think: fewest points in a Super Bowl) — they also tied multiple others, or helped the Rams tie them:

Most Field Goals, Career – 7, Stephen Gostkowski

Most Receptions, First Half – 7, Julian Edelman

Most Punt Returns, Career – 8, Julian Edelman

Most Games Won, Team – 6, New England

Fewest Points, Game, Team – 3, L.A.Rams

Fewest Touchdowns, Game, Team – 0, L.A.Rams

Most First Downs By Penalty, Game, Team – 4, New England

Fewest Touchdowns, Passing, Game, Both Teams – 0, New England vs. L.A.Rams

Fewest Fumbles Lost, Game, Both Teams – 0, New England vs. L.A.Rams

All in all, it was a memorable night not just because of the records but because of the result. New England sits atop the football world once more!